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Because, one year goes by fast — and I don’t want you to get to the end of your subscription and realize you have to renew again ... then again ... then again ... 

Our members can attest, there’s no worse feeling than knowing the patterns, articles, and the camaraderie in their private community they’ve come to love could come to a close. 

It’s not just the end of a subscription ...

It means no more new issues of Happily Hooked or Pattern pack Pro will arrive in your inbox, no more access to the Education Guide Library, and no more Private Community.

But here’s the thing ... 

It doesn’t have to be the end!

When I compared a yearly subscription (like the one you just signed up for) versus a Lifetime Membership Upgrade, the math got me excited.

Yes, I said math got me excited … but only because I relate said math to savings … which I, in turn, relate to being able to purchase more yarn. Or hooks. ;)


I realized that when you factor in the 1400-patterns you’ll get–which equates to about $1,300.00 in value alone ...

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Lifetime Digital Membership To Both
Happily Hooked + Pattern Pack Pro Digital Magazines
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You'll get every past issue we've ever published!

Every past issue of Happily Hooked and Pattern Pack Pro.
More than 140 issues with over 1,400 patterns
(a $1,300 retail value)


You'll also get the "Crochet Mastery" Course Bundle ($180 in Crochet Education Courses!)
Tunisian Mastery
Master Tunisian Crochet!
  • From Beginner to Master: Our step-by-step tutorials walk you through your first stitch to a beautifully completed project.
  • Specialized Stitches: Advanced technique using a Tunisian hook that will teach you the honeycomb stitch, pearl stitch, knit stitch, and give your project a super amazing texture!
  • Instructor: Toni Lipsey
(Normal Retail Price: $40)
Finishing School
Create Professional-Looking Projects!
  • Techniques to Finalize Projects: Our step-by-step tutorials walk you through the basic techniques to finalize your projects.
  • Finishing Touches: Whether you're looking to single-crochet around the edges, add tassels and pom-poms effectively, or block a project properly, this class has you covered.
  • Instructors: Michelle Ferguson + Toni Lipsey
(Normal Retail Price: $40)
Get Your "Crojo" Back
Finish The Projects You Start!
  • Get Your Motivation Back: Listen to Toni Lipsey wax poetic about getting your "crojo" back, and the simple steps, hints, and tidbits about how you can motivate yourself to pick up your hooks again and get back into the groove. :)
  • Instructor: Toni Lipsey
(Normal Retail Price: $20)
The Perfect Fit
Get Your Sizing Perfect Every Time!
  • Make Garments That Fit: Garment projects can be intimidating. If you're hesitant about not being able to create projects that will fit properly, our step-by-step tutorials walk you through the basic techniques of measuring for the perfect fit, every time!
  • Instructor: Michelle Ferguson
(Normal Retail Price: $40)
How To Design Patterns
A Comprehensive Guide To Designing Patterns
  • From Idea to Creation: Learn the necessary skills needed to design, write patterns, check for errors, launching your pattern, and building an audience that will love it!
  • Instructor: Kristina R. Smiley
(Normal Retail Price: $20)
Corner-to-Corner Crochet
Get Your Sizing Perfect Every Time!
  • From Beginner to Master: Our step-by-step tutorials walk you through going from absolute beginner to complete mastery of the C2C technique, in just 4 lessons!
  • 6 FREE patterns: Ranging from beginner level to advanced!
  • Instructor: Tonya Bush
(Normal Retail Price: $20)
Crochet All Day
Exercises & Stretches To Crochet Longer
  • 11 SAFE stretches to reduce hand pain: Stretches guided by chiropractor Dr. Jennifer Andrade to safely prevent and reduce hand pain.
  • Customize to fit your needs: Use all the stretch videos, or choose the ones you need to help with your specific source of pain.
  • Fast, simple, and easy: All of these stretches can be done in just a few minutes from the safety and comfort of your own chair.
  • Instructor: Dr. Jennifer Andreotti
(Complimentary For Happily Hooked Subscribers)
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Here's Everything That's Included In Your Lifetime Membership:
  • Lifetime Subscription to Happily Hooked Magazine ($49.99/year value)
  • Lifetime Subscription to Pattern pack Pro ($40.00/year value)
  • ​"Crochet Mastery" 7-Course Bundle ($180.00 value)
  • Every past issue of Happily Hooked + Pattern Pack Pro -- That's more than 100 issues with over 1,400 professionally tested and error free patterns! ($1,300.00+ value)
  • ​And we’ll keep adding more and more patterns too, which we’ll never charge you for!

Overall Retail Value: $1,530.00
Everyday Price: $247

The Lifetime digital membership is normally $247 ... BUT, applying the payment you just made of $49.99 means you only need to pay an additional $197 to become a member for LIFE!

Today's Special One-Time "New Subscriber" Price: $197.00 
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Payment Plan Available!

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*The Lifetime Digital Membership only applies to digital issues of both Happily Hooked and Pattern Pack Pro.
Three Reasons to Upgrade:
If you’re even considering being the 1 out of 10 people who doesn’t take me up on this offer, you may be thinking ...
“But, Courtney! Why should I order a Lifetime Upgrade?” 
Three reasons:
  • 1 -- First, because there’s absolutely no risk to lock in this deal and stock up on patterns and past issues now. If — for some truly bizarre reason — you don’t LOVE your Happily Hooked Lifetime membership, you have 7 days to let us know. We’ll send you a 100% money-back refund. (It’s a really easy process, I promise!)
  • 2 -- Second, because 1 year goes by fast! Especially when you’re riding “high” on the wave of creating great projects, are sitting on a cache of cute patterns you’re dying to crochet, and a sense of community and belonging you may not have experienced in years.
  • 3 -- And third, because when you DO go to renew your subscription year-after-year, it will be far more expensive in the long run than the deal you’re seeing here today.
5 Ways To Utilize Your Lifetime Membership:
Top 5 Ways to Utilize your Lifetime Upgrade of Happily Hooked ...
Or, you might also be wondering ...

“What am I going to do with another 1,400 patterns and 140 past issues of Happily Hooked, plus everything that will continue to be sent to me in the future?”
Great question! 
There’s a few ways you might want to take advantage of your lifetime membership. 
(1) Back-up patterns, no matter where you are, or what mood you’re in. 
Having an additional few patterns, ready to go, gives you the peace of mind that you’ll never have to go a day without crocheting. 

At a kid’s recital and in the mood to crank out a blankie? 

We got you covered.

Watching TV and have the urge to make a shawl? 

Yup, we can help. 

No matter where you are, or what kind of project you’re in the mood to create, Happily Hooked has highly-rated, expert-tested patterns that are ready and waiting for any occasion. 
(2) Crochet more even more!
Look, if you’re anything like me, you can get a bit… I’m not sure if “addicted” is the right word, so let’s just say “obsessed”. 

I have yarn on the brain all day, every day.

And more cute patterns = more reasons to crochet!
It’s a great way to relax from a stressful day ... or to give your mind a bit of a vacation ... or show your creative brain some extra love.
(3) Take Happily Hooked to work! 
Remember, crocheting can stop stress in its tracks. So rather than popping open a soda, or raiding the vending machines for chocolate, break out your hook and a skein of your favorite yarn to relax … re-charge ... and give your brain what it needs to tackle the rest of your day.  
(4) Make projects for loved ones! 
If you know someone who admires your handy work, or has a baby due, or who’s complimented one of the projects you’ve made in the past … a crocheted project from a Happily Hooked designer is the PERFECT gift.
It can truly change a friend or loved one’s day and make them feel your love. (And they don’t need to know you’re getting it at a screaming deal!) 

(5) Because you friggin’ deserve it!

There’s nothing more to say on this one. You know it’s true.

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