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That’s one payment for FOREVER access to ALL past, present, and future issues Happily Hooked & Pattern Pack Pro!

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  • Master Tunisian Crochet: The ultimate knit-alike technique... learn Tunisian from scratch with Toni Lipsey, and quickly advance to stitches like honeycomb stitch, pearl stitch, and knit stitch!
  • ​Finishing School: Put the finishing touches on your project! This tutorial by Toni Lipsey teaches you joining techniques, edging options, and blocking basics.
  • How To Get Your Crojo Back: Feeling stuck? Let Toni Lipsey guide you back to your crojo with tips on organization, time management, self-care, and more!
  • The Perfect Fit: Sweaters, hats, socks...learn basic techniques for getting the perfect fit every time!
  • How To Design A Pattern: Learn the skills you’ll need to design, write patterns, check for errors, launch your pattern, and build an audience that will love it!
  • Happily Hooked On C2C: Go from absolute beginner to complete mastery of the C2C (corner to corner) technique, in just 4 lessons! Includes 6 FREE patterns!
  • ​Crochet All Day: 11 quick and SAFE stretches to safely prevent and reduce hand pain--guided by chiropractor Dr. Jennifer Andrade. 
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  • ​Pattern Triple Check Guarantee: We understand your time is valuable. The last thing we would ever do is waste it by giving you a poorly-written pattern. That’s why Happily Hooked professionally tests each pattern with multiple designers to ensure the highest level or quality.
  • ​Guilt-Free 'Money & Time Saver' Commitment: When you factor in the per-pattern cost breakdown, along with the time you’ll save no longer scouring the internet for new patterns, along with the time no longer wasted searching for information that our support team and community members can easily (and happily) help you with, and the time saved knowing you’ll never make a poorly-written pattern again… you’ll realize Happily Hooked is “page-per-page” the best valued magazine in the industry.
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  • ​Crochet Mastery Course Bundle                                                                                          $180
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Additional One-time Payment - $249

One-Time Upgrade For $299 $249 NO Future Renewal Fees


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